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But i hid my plans and denied that i was going to do

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Unformatted text preview: ives them of gentleness." (Ahmad, Sahih) Another Hadith states, "Allah is gentle and loves gentleness, and gives due to gentleness what He does not give to harshness or anything else." (Muslim) A gentle person who is easy going and soft is beloved to all people. People feel comfortable with such a person and trust him, especially if gentleness is accompanied with beautiful speech and the skill of dealing with people correctly. Al-Imam Abu Yusuf, the judge, was from the most famous Hanafi scholars. He was the most prominent student of Abu Hanifah. Abu Yusuf was very poor during his childhood and his father would forbid him from attending Abu Hanifah's lessons and instead order him to go to the marketplace to earn a living. Abu Hanifah was very keen for him, and would reprimand him if he missed his lessons. One day, Abu Yusuf complained to Abu Hanifah about his father. Abu Hanifah called his father and asked him, "How much does your son earn in one day?" He replied, "Two dirhams." Abu Hanifah said, "I will give you two dirhams if you allow him to study." Thus, Abu Yusuf studied with his teacher for years.When Abu Yusuf grew into a young man and became distinguished amongst 353 Gentleness only beautifies 53 his colleagues, he became afflicted with an illness that left him bedridden. When Abu Hanifah visited him he noticed that his illness was very severe, he became sad and feared that he may die. He left Abu Yusuf saying to himself, "Alas, Abu Yusuf! How I wished that you would serve the people after me!" Abu Hanifah went along dragging his feet to his study circle where his students were waiting. After a couple of days, Abu Yusuf recovered. He took a bath, wore his clothes and went off to attend his teacher's lessons. Those around him asked, "Where are you going?" "To the Shaykh's lesson", he replied. They said, "Even now you are studying? You don't need to. Haven't you heard what the Shaykh has said about you?&q...
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