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But it was still in the battlefield and the man he

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Unformatted text preview: Allah has heard what the people have said to you. I am the Angel of Mountains. Your Lord has sent me to you, so you may order me with whatever you wish." Before the Prophet could say a word or make a choice, the Angel of Mountains began making suggestions to him, saying, "If you wish, I could crush them between the two mountains." He was referring to the two mountains on either side of Makkah. The Angel of Mountains then waited for an order. "Rather," said the Prophet , trampling over his own wishes and the desire for revenge,"I will be patient with them, for I hope that Allah will raise from their progeny those who will worship Him alone without associating any partners with Him." Be brave... The relationship between me and my brothers And my cousins is indeed problematic If they consume my flesh, I spare theirs If they destroy my honour, I build theirs They do not hurry to my aid But I hurry if they call me to theirs 252 Respond to mistreatment with kindness 36 I do not hold grudges against them For the leader never bears grudges 253 (37) Convince him of his error so he may accept advice Some people tend to engage others uselessly by offering excessive unsolicited advice and remarks, which may be solely based on their personal liking. For instance, after attending a wedding party that you and your wife had planned and organised, an invitee complains to you, "Dear brother, the wedding party was not very appropriate. You tired yourself in vain. I was under the impression that the party would be of a higher standard." "How so?" you ask, civilly. He says, "Dear brother, most of the meat was fried. I personally prefer boiled meat. The salad was sour due to too much lemon, not exactly to my taste. The sweets were all decorated with cream, which made them repulsive." He then says,"Generally, most of the people disliked the food. They only ate out of courtesy, or because they had no choice!" No doubt, you would despise t...
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