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But the teachers complexion did not change he simply

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Unformatted text preview: " He said, "A man gives his garment to the tailor...", and before he could finish,AbuYusuf replied,"Yes, he deserves payment, as long as he has finished his work." The questioner said, "You are wrong." Abu Yusuf became surprised and thought about the issue deeply and said, "Actually, he does not deserve payment." The questioner said, "You are wrong, again." Abu Yusuf looked at him and said, "By Allah, who sent you here?" The man pointed towards Abu Hanifah and said, "The Shaykh sent me." Abu Yusuf stood from his gathering and went to Abu Hanifah's circle and said, "O Shaykh! I have a question." Abu Hanifah ignored him. Abu Yusuf then came and sat on his knees in front of the Shaykh, and said with all due respect, "O Shaykh, I have a question." He said, "What is your question?" Abu Yusuf said, "You know what the question is." "The question about the tailor and the garment?" asked Abu Hanifah. "Yes", replied Abu Yusuf. Abu Hanifah said, "You answer the question. Aren't you a Shaykh?" 356 Gentleness only beautifies 53 He replied, "Rather, you are the Shaykh." Abu Hanifah then said in response to the question, "We check how much he shortened the garment by. If the garment was shortened to match the man's height, then it means he did the work completely. But then it occurred to him that he should deny having his garment. In this case, he shortened the garment for this man, and therefore he deserves to be paid. But if he had shortened the garment to suit his own height then that means he shortened the garment for himself and therefore does not deserve any payment." Upon hearing that, Abu Yusuf kissed Abu Hanifah's forehead and remained his student until Abu Hanifah passed away. Only then did Abu Yusuf sit in his place to teach the people. How beautiful is gentleness and how wonderful it is to deal with such issues with tenderness! If married couples, parents...
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