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But we rarely tend to be experts on noticing the good

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Unformatted text preview: the good you have to say anyway, so please, present to me more of what you have to say.'" The Prophet became overjoyed, presented Islam to atTufayl and recited some Qur'anic verses. At-Tufayl contemplated on his life and realised that with every passing day, he was becoming further away from Allah by worshipping stones, stones which neither responded to his prayers nor his calls. This much had become clear to him. At-Tufayl then began to think about the aftermath of his acceptance of Islam: How could he leave his religion and that of his forefathers? What would the people say? What about the life he used to live? The wealth he gathered? His family? His son? His neighbours? His friends? There would be chaos! At-Tufayl remained silent as he thought about it, weighing up between his worldly life and the Hereafter. He decided at once to let go of the worldly life and remain steadfast on the religion, regardless of who would be pleased or displeased, for who cares about the people of this world if the One in the heavens is pleased? Why should he care about his provision when it was in the Hands of the One above the heavens? His health was in the Hands of the One above the heavens. His honour and status were in the Hands of the One above the heavens. In fact, even his life and death were in the Hands of the One above the heavens! 541 Supplications 82 Hence, if the inhabitants of the heavens were pleased with him, then what he lost of this world should not have worried him. If Allah loved him then it did not matter who was angry with him. Therefore, let whoever wished to mock or censure him do so! Yes, at-Tufayl accepted Islam there and then and bore witness to Allah's oneness. He then demonstrated his lofty ambitions and said to the Prophet , "O Prophet of Allah, I am obeyed among my people. I will return to them and call them to Islam." At-Tufayl then left Makkah and hurried back to his people, riding over mountains and through valleys until he finally reached his...
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