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By allah o messenger of allah i have not known except

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Unformatted text preview: e four children would be the most beloved to the father? I say with certainty that our response would be the same: the most beloved of them would of course be the fourth; not because he is the most beautiful or the most intelligent, but only 154 Be concerned about others 24 because he showed his father that he valued him. Hence, the more one cares for others, the greater their love and respect will be for him. The best of the creation would consider these factors in people. He would make everyone feel that their problem was in fact his own problem, and that their worry was indeed his own. Once, when the Prophet stood on his pulpit to address the people, a man entered the mosque. He looked at the Messenger of Allah and said: "O Messenger of Allah!", and then began to ask him about his religion, for he knew little about it. The Prophet turned to him and noticed that he was a Bedouin who might not have been able to wait for the sermon to finish in order to obtain an answer. He feared that the man may have even left the mosque and never returned. The issue was of utmost importance to the man, to such an extent that he had interrupted the sermon in order to ask him about religious rulings! The Prophet was thinking from the perspective of others and not his own. Thus, he () descended from his noble pulpit and called for a chair to be brought. He () sat in front of the man and began teaching and explaining religious rulings to him until he understood. He then stood up and returned to his pulpit to finish his sermon. How great he was! How persevering he was! Since he also cultivated the Companions in his school, they would also show concern for others, be welcoming towards them, and share with them in their moments of happiness and grief. An example of this is how Talhah dealt with Ka'b may Al155 Be concerned about others 24 lah be pleased with them both. Ka'b bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him was an old man. Let us sit with him after he has grown old, his bones have weakened, and he has become blind,...
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