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By allah all these people around you may well desert

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Unformatted text preview: e!" The people said, "May Allah curse you! What good will your house do us?" He said, "Whoever shuts himself in his house is safe! Whoever seeks refuge in the Mosque is also safe!" The people dispersed into their houses and some entered the Mosque. How wonderful was the Prophet to have such a positive effect on Abu Sufyan! A person's nature and personality should be understood before he is spoken to, as this would assist a great deal when dealing with him. At the expedition known as al-Hudaybiyah, the Prophet left with the Muhajirun and Ansaar as well as other Arabs for `Umrah. They numbered a thousand and four-hundred altogether. They had taken with them animals to slaughter and had made the Ihraam, so it was known that they were heading to visit the House in its honour.The Prophet took with him seventy camels to slaughter in the Haram. When they approached Makkah, the Quraysh prevented them from going further, so the Prophet and his Companions camped at a place called al-Hudaybiyah. The Quraysh then began sending messages to the Prophet , one after the other, to bargain with him. They first dispatched to him Mikraz bin Hafs. Mikraz was from Quraysh but was not known for keeping to his agreements. 132 People are like the minerals of the earth 20 As a matter of fact, he was an evil and treacherous person.When the Prophet saw him approaching he said, "He is a treacherous person." When he came to the Prophet , the Prophet spoke to him in the way that he deserved, and further informed him that he had not come to fight; rather, he had only come to perform `Umrah.The Prophet did not sign any agreement with him as he knew he never kept his promises. Mikraz returned to the Quraysh without any result. They then sent Halis bin `Alqama, the chieftain of the Ahabish, who were allies of the Quraysh.They had settled in Makkah in honour of the Haram and in the service of the Ka'bah. When the Prophet saw Halis he said, "This man is from a people who think highly of...
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