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By allah he has become a hypocrite abu hudhayfah may

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Unformatted text preview: pride, "I was the lecturer!" She said, "Ah! I was thinking to myself all through the talk when will he ever stop!" Therefore, to listen attentively to others is a skill in and of itself. Some people forget that Allah has only given them one tongue while he has given them two ears - so that they may hear more than they speak. Some people, if given the choice to balance their speaking and hearing, would opt for having two ears and two tongues, due to their obsession with speaking! Train yourself to listen to others attentively. If you do have criticisms to make, then do not be hasty in making them. During the early days of Islam, the Muslims were few in number. The disbelievers would reject the Prophet and discourage people from listening to him. They would spread rumours about him that he was a soothsayer, a liar, a madman, or even a magician. One day, a man called Dhuman came to Makkah. He was a wise man with knowledge of medicine who would also treat people with mental illness or problems with magic. When he began to mix with the people of Makkah, he heard some of the ignorants saying, "Then the madman came...We then saw the madman..." Dhumad said, "Where is this man? Perhaps Allah will cure him by my hands." 562 The art of listening 85 The people directed him to the Messenger of Allah .When he saw the Prophet and reflected upon his face, he found it to be bright. Dhumad nevertheless told the Prophet the reason why he had come, "O Muhammad, I am an expert on incantations. Allah cures whoever He wills by my hands. Come to me and I will treat you." The man began to speak about his treatments expertise as the Prophet listened attentively. What was he listening to so attentively? He was listening to the words of a disbeliever who had come to treat his `mental illness'! And how wise he was! When Dhumad finished what he had to say, the Prophet said very calmly, "All praise be to Allah, we praise Him and seek His help. Whoever Allah guides cann...
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