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By allah nobody could ever challenge this army he

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Unformatted text preview: e hears about the lunch appointment, "Oh! How I wish I could come and meet so-and-so, but I am too busy with other things right now. Please do convey my greetings to him though. Perhaps, I will see him another time." It is known by this person's nature that he did not wish to come, fearing that he too would have to invite this colleague for lunch, which would cost him! Therefore, one would say to such a person, "Well, he is not in town for long. He will most probably leave straight after the lunch." The friend would then say, "Oh, I see! In that case, I will delay what I have to do and come and see him!" Other people tend to be socially restricted to their families. A person of this nature would always love to be with his family and could not bear leaving them. One could ask him for anything except for being parted from his children, even for a short while, 129 People are like the minerals of the earth 20 as that would be too much for him to tolerate. The amazing person in this regard is he who is able to capture all kinds of hearts. If he travels with a miser, he wins the heart of his companion by being economical. If he sits with the emotional, he too is emotional towards them and so they love him. If he accompanies the light-hearted, he makes jokes and laughs along with them, thereby winning their hearts. He deals with each situation accordingly. Look at the conduct of the Prophet as he advanced with his many battalions to conquer Makkah. Before the conquest, Abu Sufyan visited the Prophet and accepted Islam. When he became a Muslim, al-`Abbas said to the Prophet , "O Messenger of Allah, Abu Sufyan is a man who loves pride and honour, so please offer him something." The Prophet said, "Yes, whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan is safe. Whoever locks himself in his house is safe. Whoever enters the Mosque is safe." When Abu Sufyan set off to return to Makkah, the Prophet looked at him and thought that this is the man who mobilised the Quraysh to fight him at Badr, Uhud and then Khandaq. He was a leader who had spent many years of his life in wars. Since he was a new Muslim,...
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