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By allah they are heavier than mount uhud in the

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Unformatted text preview: the man shivered." 429 Humbleness 64 Seeing this, the Prophet said, "Take it easy! I am just a son of a woman from Quraysh who used to eat dried meat." He also used to say, "I sit as a slave sits and I eat as a slave eats." In short... Whoever is humble for Allah's sake, Allah elevates him. Allah only increases the honour of the one who is humble. 430 (65) To worship in secret On a cold winter's night about ten years ago, I was out in the desert with friends. One of our cars had broken down, so we had no choice but to stay out in the cold. I recall that we lit a fire and sat around it together. How pleasant are winter discussions when sitting around a campfire! As our discussions protracted, I noticed that one of the brothers gently slipped out of our circle. He was a very pious man who used to perform acts of worship in secret. I would notice that he would go to the Jumu'ah prayers very early, sometimes so early that even the doors of the mosque would not have yet been opened! He got up and took a pot full of water. I thought that perhaps he had gone to relieve himself. When he delayed his return for longer than usual, I got up to see where he was, only to find him far away from us. He had wrapped himself up with a cloak due to the extreme cold and was in the state of prostration on the sand, in the dark of the night, all on his own. It was as if he was begging for Allah's mercy and love. It was obvious that he loved Allah, and I think Allah loved him, too. I realised that to worship in secret honours a person in this world 431 To worship in secret 65 before being honoured in the Hereafter. Years have passed since then, and I still know him. Allah has made him much appreciated amongst the people. He participates fully in da'wah projects and guiding the people. When he walks about in a marketplace, I see the younger generation race to him to shake his hand, out of love and respect, before the older generation do! How many businessmen, princes and famous people wish that the people would love them as they love this person, but how far from the mark they are! Yo...
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