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Deal with situations optimistically in accordance

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Unformatted text preview: he Messenger of Allah would not love except good. Hence, she was completely innocent, yet, Allah decided to test her in order to increase her reward and exalt her fame. Many days went by, as `A'ishah's pain continued to increase, as she lay restless and bedridden due to her illness and did not look forward to eating or drinking. The Prophet tried to solve the problem by addressing the people, but it nearly turned into a war. He tried to solve the issue at home by asking `Ali and Zayd, but did not find a solution. At this stage, he wanted to end it with `A'ishah. She said, "That day I cried unceasingly and could not sleep. I continued to cry for the next two days and could not sleep. My parents thought that my constant weeping would split my liver open." The Prophet then headed for Abu Bakr's house. He sought his permission and visited `A'ishah whilst she was with her parents and a woman from the Ansaar. This was the first time the Prophet was entering Abu Bakr's house since the people began to spread the rumour. He had not seen `A'ishah for a month, for he had been waiting for a month and nothing was revealed concerning `A'ishah. The Prophet entered upon `A'ishah to find her bedridden, 232 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 as if she were a young bird with its feathers plucked out, due to her constant weeping and agony. She was crying, as was the woman next to her, not being able to control themselves, the Prophet sat down, thanked and praised Allah, and said, "To proceed, O `A'ishah, such-and-such has reached me concerning you," the Prophet then mentioned the slander, and whatever had been said about her falling into a major error. He then wanted to explain to her that no matter what mistake a person falls into, it is not difficult to rectify it. He said to her, "If you are innocent, then Allah Almighty will declare your innocence. But if you have committed a sin, then ask Allah for forgiveness and repent to Him. For when a servant of Allah recognises his sins and repents, Allah accepts his repentance". Hence,...
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