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Deem it not a bad thing for you nay it is good for

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Unformatted text preview: is knowing that they are from al-Khazraj. If they were from your 230 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 tribe, you would not have said this!" Usayd bin Khudayr said upon hearing this, "I swear you have lied! By Allah we will kill him! But you are a hypocrite, arguing on behalf of the hypocrites!" The people then leapt towards each other and they were about to fight, whilst the Messenger of Allah was still standing on his pulpit. He continued to calm them down until they finally became silent. The Prophet , upon witnessing this, descended from the pulpit and entered his house. When he realised that the situation could not be diffused by addressing the public, he turned to his family, and the most special people to him, to find a solution.Thus, he called `Ali and Usamah bin Zayd to seek their advice. Usamah praised `A'ishah and said, "O Messenger of Allah! We do not know about your family except good. All of this is lies and falsehood." `Ali said, "O Messenger of Allah, there are many women you can marry. You are always able to replace her. However, ask the slave girl, for she will speak the truth." The Messenger of Allah then called Bareerah and asked, "O Bareerah! Did you notice anything suspicious about `A'ishah?" "Never! I swear by the one who sent you as a Prophet!" replied Bareerah, "By Allah, I do not know of her except good. I never noticed anything wrong with `A'ishah, except that she is a young girl. I would make the dough and ask her to look after it, but she would fall asleep instead and leave the dough to be eaten by domestic goats." 231 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 How could the slave girl ever be suspicious of `A'ishah, for she was a righteous young woman who was brought up by the most truthful person of the Ummah, namely Abu Bakr, and was married to the best of mankind? In fact, how could she ever be suspected of anything, whilst she was the most beloved of all to the Messenger of Allah? Surely, t...
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