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Do not be saddened by this rather be firm like a

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Unformatted text preview: walked up to him, sat in front of him and handed over to him Heraclius's letter. The Prophet took the letter and placed it on his lap. He then said, "Where are you from?" The man replied, "I am the brother of Tanukh." 240 The other opinion 35 The Prophet then said, "Would you like to embrace Islam, the monotheistic religion, the religion of your father Ibrahim?" The Prophet was very eager for this person to embrace Islam. In actuality, there was nothing preventing the man from Tanukh from embracing the truth, except his zeal for his people's religion! Al-Tanukhi said quite frankly, "I am a messenger from a people, on the religion of my people. I would not leave my religion until I return to my people." When the Prophet noticed his zeal, he did not become angry and cause problems for him. He only laughed and said, "You cannot guide those whom you love. Only Allah guides those who He wills, and He is surely most aware of the guided ones." The Prophet then said very calmly, "O brother of Tanukh! I wrote a letter to Caesar, but he tore it up, and Allah is going to tear him up and his kingdom. I wrote a letter to the Negus, and he burnt it, and Allah is going to burn his kingdom. I also wrote a letter to the man you are coming from, and he held on to it. The people will continue to find him troublesome for so long as there is good in life." Al-Tanukhi remembered Heraclius's request and said to himself, "This is one of the three things he asked me to take note of." He feared that he may forget, so he took an arrow from his quiver and made a note of it on the side of his sword. The Prophet then gave the letter to a man sitting on his left. Al-Tanukhi said, "Who amongst you writes and reads let- 241 The other opinion 35 ters?" Some people said, "Mu`awiyyah." Mu`awiyyah began to read to find that Heraclius had written to the Prophet , "You call me to Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, which has been prepa...
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