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Do not let them associate grief and sad 323 problems

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Unformatted text preview: e. 315 (45) Self torture One of the most memorable moments in my life was once when we went out into the desert. With us was our friend Abu Khalid whose eyesight was very weak. We would serve him and give him water, dates and coffee, whilst he would insist, "I must help you. I want to work with you. Give me something to do," Meanwhile, we would all forbid him from doing anything. We had slaughtered a sheep, cut the meat into pieces and brought it along with us in a pot, ready to cook. We hadn't yet lit the fire since we were too busy setting up the tent and arranging other things. Abu Khalid was taken over by vigour and although we wish he had not been he got up and turned to the pot to notice the meat inside. He decided that the first thing we must do is to pour water over the meat. He turned to our belongings in the car, searching through the various things, such as electricity generator, wires, lamps, four bottles with water and petrol, and other items. He took the closest bottle to him and happily returned to the pot and poured half of the bottle in it. When one of us caught sight of it, he screamed, "No! No! Abu Khalid!' while he kept saying, "Leave me to do it for you!" 316 Self torture 45 We immediately snatched the bottle away from him and began to laugh hysterically with tears in our eyes, as we noticed that the bottle contained petrol and not water! Thus, we only had bread and tea for lunch. But the trip was not ruined. Rather, it was one of the best trips we ever had. Why should we continue to torture ourselves over something which was now over and done? I also remember, when I was in secondary school, I went with a few classmates on a trip. The battery in one of the cars failed. We brought another car face to face with the car that had broken down in order to connect the two batteries together. Meanwhile, Tariq came along and stood between the two cars. He wired the first battery to the dead one. He then asked a friend to turn the engine on. T...
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