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Unformatted text preview: ould not hear or speak, but he could see. I looked at the second one to notice that he was deaf, dumb and blind. He could neither hear, nor speak nor see. I stretched forth by hand and shook Abu `Abdullah's hand. The man to his right later I found out his name was Ahmad was looking at me with a smile, so I stretched forth my hand to shake hands with him. Abu `Abdullah then said to me pointing to the blind man, 491 The tongue is king 76 "Greet Fayiz, too." I said, "As-Salaamu `Alaykum, Fayiz!" Abu `Abdullah said, "Hold his hand, as he can neither hear or see you." I placed my hand in his, and he grabbed my hand firmly and shook it. They then entered the mosque. After the prayer, Abu `Abdullah sat on a chair with Ahmad sitting on his right and Fayiz sitting on his left. The people were watching in amazement. They were not accustomed to a deaf person sitting on a chair and delivering a lecture! Abu `Abdullah then turned to Ahmad and said something in sign language. Ahmad responded to him in sign language. The people watched but did not understanding anything, so I suggested to Abu `Abdullah that he translate what he said, as no one is able to understand sign language except the deaf or someone well-versed in sign language. Abu `Abdullah brought the microphone close and said, "Ahmad is relating to you the story of how he was guided." He said,"I was born deaf and raised in Jeddah. My family would neither cater for me nor pay any attention to me. I used to see people going to the mosque, but I wouldn't know why! I would often notice my father laying down a prayer mat, prostrating and bowing, but I wouldn't know what he was doing. Whenever I asked my family about it, they would belittle me and never answer my questions." Then Abu `Abdullah became quiet and said something to Ahmad in sign language. Ahmad then continued with his speech in sign language and suddenly his complexion changed, as if he 492 The tongue is king 76 had been emotionally affected. Abu `Abdullah lo...
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