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Even though the rest of her sons and daughters were

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Unformatted text preview: rs, for none can protect me except You." (Muslim) Hence, we are in need of emulating the Prophet in his character when we deal with Muslims so that we may win them over, and when we deal with the non-Muslims so that we can educate them about Islam. A hint... Purify your intention so that your interpersonal skills can turn into acts of worship, with which you can draw closer to Allah. 90 (17) Use the right flavour There are things which people unanimously love and appreciate, and things which they unanimously dislike. There are also things upon which they differ, so while some may be appreciative of them, others may find them cumbersome. Hence, everyone loves to be smiled at and hates to be frowned at, yet some may appreciate jokes whilst others may not. Some people may like others visiting them whilst others would rather be left alone. Some may love to talk excessively whilst others may not. Often people feel comfortable with those of the same nature as themselves. Why not then be pleasing to people of all natures? It is said that a man once saw a falcon flying next to a crow. He was amazed at the thought of the king of all birds flying next to a crow! He concluded that they must have something in common for them to fly together, he continued to watch them until they became tired and decided to land, and lo and behold, they were both crippled! Hence, if someone knows that his father prefers silence to excessive talk, then let him deal with his father accordingly in order to gain his love. If a wife knows that her husband loves jokes, then let her joke with him. If she discovers the opposite then she should avoid joking with him. The same can be said about 91 Use the right flavour 17 a man dealing with his colleagues, neighbours and brothers. Do not think for a moment that people are all of the same nature, for they differ and come in many varieties. I recall that a righteous old lady, who happens to be the mother of a friend of mine, would praise one of her sons lavishly. She would always...
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