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From this he knew that the camel had been to madinah

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Unformatted text preview: ld do, but rather, we should focus on what we should do. Whenever you wish to say something strange, some people may hastily comment on your words. It is important that you do not give them an opportunity to do so, by answering their questions before they even ask. 572 Block the escape routes of the detractors 87 Some people can very effectively prevent a person from commenting without them realising it. I remember once an old man was sitting in a gathering talking about a particular incident he witnessed where two people were fighting at a petrol station, and how it became so serious that both taken to a police station. One of those present in the gathering, who was known to be very talkative, jumped up and began to relate his version of the story, saying, "Yes, that's right, but this is not what happened. What actually happened between the two was this, and so-andso was at fault." He began to mention other details that did not even occur! The old man turned to him, and I could see that he was about to explode. However, he controlled himself and quietly and calmly said, "Were you there at the incident?" He said, "No." The old man said, "Did anyone who witnessed it tell you about it?" "No", he replied. The old man said, "Did you read the incident report?" He said, "No." Thereupon, the old man screamed, "OK! So how can you say I am wrong when you don't know anything?" What surprised me were his leading questions before he objected, for if he were to object before throwing those questions at him and thereby closing all the escape routes, the man would have found many avenues through which to flee, even if he had to lie. 573 Block the escape routes of the detractors 87 Therefore, when we wish to establish certain facts, we need to precede them with preliminaries in order to convince our opponents before they get a chance to oppose them. When the Quraysh marched forth to fight the Prophet and his companions at Badr, some...
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