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Get up o kab and wait until allah decides your case

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Unformatted text preview: as he relates to us the memories of his youth, when he lagged behind in the expedition of Tabuk, the last expedition the Prophet participated in... The Prophet called the people to set off for Tabuk and prepare for an expedition. He collected people's contributions to prepare an army, until the number of combatants reached 30,000 - this was in a season when the shade was pleasant and the fruits had ripened, yet the desert heat was severe. The journey was long and the enemy was mighty and haughty. The Muslims were great in number but some of their names were not listed in the register. Ka'b said, "I was the wealthiest I had ever been at the time. I had managed to accumulate two rides, and I found myself the strongest that I had ever been. At that time, I inclined towards the shade and the sweetness of fruits, and remained so until the Messenger of Allah set off to leave. So I said to myself: `I will go tomorrow to the marketplace, buy something in preparation for the expedition, and join them later.' I then went to the marketplace the next day, but some things came up and so I returned. Thus I said: `I will return tomorrow Allah willing, buy something and then join them', but then again, some thing delayed me. I then said: `I will return again tomorrow Allah willing'... This kept happening until days went by and I was left behind by the Messenger of Allah may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him. I then began strolling the mar- 156 Be concerned about others 24 ketplaces and walking around the city, only to find people who were either drowning in hypocrisy, or those whom Allah had excused from marching forth.' Yes, Ka'b was left behind in Madinah. As for the Messenger of Allah , he along with his 30,000 companions marched forth until they reached Tabuk; he looked at the faces of his Companions to find that he was missing a righteous person from amongst those who had witnessed the Pledge of `Aqabah. He therefore asked, "What happened to Ka'b bin Malik?" A man replied: "O Allah's Messenger! H...
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