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Half of the chandelier is not functional why dont you

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Unformatted text preview: le to marry, having just migrated! He then asked, "What did you give her as dowry?" `Abd ar-Rahman replied, "I paid gold, equal to the weight of a datestone." The Prophet then wanted to increase him in his joy, thus he said, "Give a wedding banquet, even if it is only with one sheep"; meaning, hold a celebration for us all for your wedding. The Prophet then prayed for more blessings in his wealth and business, hence he was blessed. `Abd ar-Rahman said while describing his livelihood and business, "If you saw me then, you would have known that if I were to have turned over a stone, I would have found gold or silver underneath it!" The Prophet had an observant, caring personality, even with the weak and poor. He would make them feel valued. He would make them feel that he was aware of them, that they were important to him, and that he valued their efforts, no matter how insignificant they were. When he missed them, he would remember to mention them with good and praise their work, 184 Be observant and complimentary 27 which would encourage others to do the same. There was, in Madinah, a black lady who was a righteous believer. She used to clean the mosque. The Prophet would see her every now and then, and marvel at her keenness. Later, several days went by and the Messenger of Allah did not see her. When he asked about her, his Companions said, "She has passed away, O Messenger of Allah." He replied, "Why did you not inform me about this?" They then began to minimise the importance of her death, saying that she was a poor and obscure person, and not worthy enough for the Messenger of Allah to be informed about her death. They also said, "She died in the middle of the night, so we did not want to wake you up." The Prophet was then very keen to pray over her, for her work - even if the people deemed it insignificant - was great in the sight of Allah. But how could he pray over her whilst she was dead and buried? "Lead me to her...
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