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He also 95 use the right flavour 17 warned them that

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Unformatted text preview: dding them from killing certain people. `Utbah bin Rabi`ah was from the leaders of the Quraysh who were going to lead the battle against the Muslims, while his son, Abu Hudhayfah bin `Utbah bin Rabi`ah was with the Muslims. Abu Hudhayfah lost patience and said, "Shall we kill our fathers, our sons and our brothers and spare al-`Abbas?! By Allah, if I see him in the battlefield, I shall strike him with my sword!" When his words reached the Messenger of Allah , he looked around and saw three hundred strong men.Yet, he turned 94 Use the right flavour 17 to `Umar exclusively and said, "O Abu Hafs! Is the face of the uncle of Allah's Messenger to be struck with a sword?" `Umar said, "By Allah, this was the first time ever the Messenger of Allah gave me my nickname, Abu Hafs." `Umar understood the message. He knew that they were about to fight a battle and were in no position to allow anyone to disobey the orders of the leader or argue in front of the other fighters.Thus,`Umar chose a stern solution. He said,"O Messenger of Allah! Allow me to strike his neck off with a sword!" But the Prophet stopped him and saw that the threat alone was enough to quell the situation. Abu Hudhayfa may Allah be pleased with him was a righteous man who would afterwards say, "I do not feel at ease due to the words I uttered that day and will continue to be terrified unless martyrdom expiates for them." He was martyred on the day of Yamamah. The Prophet knew what kind of tasks he could expect `Umar to perform. He wasn't asked to collect charity, or make peace, or educate the unlearned. They were in the midst of a conflict and the need had arisen for a determined and resolute person, and hence, the Prophet chose `Umar, for this task, urging him on further by saying, "Is the face of the uncle of Allah's Messenger to be struck with a sword?" On another occasion, the Prophet fought the Jews of Khaybar briefly and then made a peace agreement with them where he stipulated that they were not to hide any of t...
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