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He also contemplated speaking the truth and saying i

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Unformatted text preview: horses and slaves.' He said,`If Allah gives you wealth, then let the affects of Allah's bounty and honour upon you be shown in your appearance.'" The Prophet said, "Whoever Allah blesses with a bounty, 444 Looking after one's appearance 67 Allah likes to see the affects of that bounty appear on His servant." Jabir bin `Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him said, "Once the Messenger of Allah came to our house for a visit and saw a man with dishevelled hair. He said: `Couldn't he find anything to comb his hair with?'" On another occasion he saw a man wearing dirty clothes, and said, "Couldn't he find water to wash his clothes with?" He also said, "Whoever has hair should honour it." He used to encourage people to demonstrate good behaviour and have a beautiful appearance, nice clothes and a fine smell. He often used to say, "Allah is beautiful and loves beauty." (Muslim) Experience... The first look makes up for 70% of the impression people get of you. 445 (68) Honesty I was once invigilating in an examination room on a Thursday. Although Thursday is not a weekday in Saudi Arabia, we were forced to have an exam on that day due to the large number of subjects we had. A few minutes after the beginning of the exam, a student came in late. The poor lad was looking bewildered. I said to him, "Sorry, you have come late and I cannot let you into the examination room." He began to beg me to allow him in. I asked him, "Why are you late?" He said, "By Allah, dear teacher, I overslept!" I was impressed at his honesty and said, "OK.You may come in." He entered and sat his exam. A few minutes later another student came late. I said to him, "Why are you late?" He said, "By Allah, dear teacher, there is so much traffic on the road! As you know, everyone leaves for work in the morning some are going to the university, others are heading for work, etc." 446 Honesty 68 He th...
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