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He caught up with them and headed for his home upon

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Unformatted text preview: he Prophet amassed an army himself to initiate a fight with them. So the Prophet began to prepare an army. He incited the people until he managed to gather three thousand fighters.They were then equipped with whatever weaponry and provision that was available. The Prophet said to them,"Your leader is Zayd bin Harith- 266 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 ah. If Zayd is struck, then Ja'far bin Abi Talib will lead, and if Ja'far is struck, then `Abdullah bin Rawahah." The Prophet went out with them in order to bid farewell to the army. So did the people, who said to the army, "May Allah be your companion! May He defend you and return you to us safe!" `Abdullah bin Rawahah was yearning for martyrdom and to that end he recited his poems. The army then headed for the battle of Mu'tah, until they stopped over a place called Ma'aan, in Syria. There the news reached them that Heraclius the Emperor of Rome had stopped over in Syria with 100,000 Roman troops, and that a further 100,000 of tribal warriors had joined him, making them 200,000 strong altogether. When the Muslims ascertained the news, they stayed over two nights at Ma'aan considering the right course of action. Some of them said, "We should write to the Messenger of Allah informing him of the numbers of our enemy. He would either send us reinforcements or order us with something else, and we will do as he wishes." When too many people began offering their opinions, `Abdullah bin Rawahah stood up and said, "O people! What you dislike is what you have come out to seek - martyrdom in the path of Allah, yet you are fleeing from it! We do not fight the people with might or numbers. We do not fight them, except with the aid of this religion that Allah has blessed us with. So let us march forth! For there can only be two positive outcomes: either victory or martyrdom!" 267 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 Hence, the people marched forth, until they approached the Roman Army at a plac...
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