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He continued until the sun set and the people thought

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Unformatted text preview: ied, "Yes." Then the man sat down and said, "Now we shall hear and we shall obey." and that was the end of the matter. Although I agree that the manner in which the man objected to `Umar was inappropriate, our amazement is over `Umar's ability to understand the situation and extinguish the flames of 297 Admit your faults and do not be arrogant... 42 trouble. Lastly, if you would like others to accept your comments or advice, no matter who they may be, your wife, son or your sister, then be receptive to advice yourself without being arrogant. A man is always saying to his wife, "Look after the children better... Cook good food... How long have I been telling you to sort out the bedroom?" She would always respond gently, "Alright, Allah willing, I will do as you say." One day she suggests piece of advice for him, "The children are having their exams nowadays and they need you to be present, so please don't be late if you go out with your friends." The man merely hears these words and shouts at her,"I don't have time for them! And whether or not I am late, what has that got to do with you? This is none of your business!" Tell me, in the name of Allah, why you expect her to accept your advice after this? And lastly, the clever person is the one who seals the holes in his wall so the people are not able to glance inside. Meaning, do not give people the opportunity to doubt you. I recall that once a Da`wah organisation invited a group of preachers to deliver lectures in Albania. The president of all the Albanian Da`wah centres was also present. We looked at him and noticed that he did not have a single strand of hair on his cheek! We looked at each other in amazement, for it is common for a preacher to abide by the practices of the Messenger of Allah by growing his beard, even if it is light. How can a leader of preachers be clean-shaven? 298 Admit your faults and do not be arrogant... 42 When the conference started, he said to us jok...
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