Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: creation". Rather, He orders them because He is far superior to all else. The Prophet said, "Woe be to you! Do you know what you are saying?" The Prophet then began to glorify Allah and kept repeating, "SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah!" He continued to glorify Allah until the seriousness of the matter was noticed in the face of his Companions. He then said, "Woe be to you! Allah's intercession is not 305 The keys to mistakes... 43 sought with any of His creation! Allah is far more Sublime than that! Woe be to you! Do you know Allah? His Throne is above His Heavens like such", he said this while forming a dome-shape with his fingers, and said, "The Throne groans as a saddle does because of the rider." (Abu Dawud) However, if a person makes a mistake in private, how should one deal with it? Once, the Prophet came to `A'ishah's house may Allah be pleased with her to spend the night with her. He took his slippers and his upper garment off and lay down on his bed. He remained liked that until he thought that `A'ishah had fallen asleep. Thereupon, he got up from his bed, quietly wore his garment and slippers, calmly opened up the door and exited, gently shutting the door behind him. When `A'ishah noticed this, she became jealous fearing that perhaps he had gone to his other wives. She got up, wore her upper garment and khimar and went out to follow his footsteps. She followed him without him realising. The Prophet continued walking in the darkness of the night, until he reached al-Baqi' graveyard. He stood there looking at the graves of his Companions, those who lived as worshippers, died as warriors and were gathered together underground in their graves. The Prophet was gazing at their graves, recalling their memories. He then raised his hands and prayed for them. He then began to stare at the graves, and thereafter raised his hands and prayed for them once again. Thereafter, he stayed there for a while, and then raised his hands again praying for their forgive306 The keys to mistakes... 43 nes...
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