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He decided to make the man solve his own problem he

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Unformatted text preview: Sunnah is not from me." (al-Bukhari and Muslim) On another occasion, the Prophet noticed that some of those who prayed with him raised their eyes to the sky during the prayer. This is wrong, for one should look at the place of prostration during the prayer. He said, "What is wrong with the people that they raise their 203 Do not criticise! 31 eyes up to the sky in their prayers?" When they did not cease from this and continued to look up, he did not expose them, or mention them by names. Rather, he said, "They must stop, or else their sight will be snatched away." (al-Bukhari) Bareerah was a slave woman in Madinah. She wanted to be freed, and therefore, asked her owner to free her. Her owner stipulated that she give him money for her freedom. Bareerah then came to `A'ishah to ask her for financial assistance.`A'ishah said, "If you wish, I can give your price to your owners so you could be free, on the condition that your loyalty lies with me." The slave woman informed her owners about this, but they refused. They wanted to profit on both; they wanted her price as well as her debt of loyalty. `A'ishah then asked the Prophet and the Prophet became surprised at their fervour for wealth, and their refusal to allow this poor woman to be free! He said to `A'ishah, "Buy her, and then free her. The debt of loyalty is only for the one who frees the slave." Meaning, the debt of loyalty will always be yours so long as you pay, and do not worry about their conditions for they are unjust. Then the Prophet stood on his pulpit and said, "What is wrong with the people", and he did not say, "What is wrong with such-and-such a family?" The Prophet continued, "...that they stipulate conditions that do not exist in the Book of Allah? Whoever stipulates a condition that does not exist in Allah's Book, he does not deserve that condition to be fulfilled, even if he were to stipulate a hundred such conditions!" (al-Bukhari and Mus...
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