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He didnt use to say why dont you cook something why

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Unformatted text preview: Then Sa'd left the mosque and headed towards the city, and after several years he passed away. But as for the man, the prayer 279 Verify the fault before criticising 39 of Sa'd never left him. He became aged, his bones became weak and his back became crooked. His life became so long that he tired of it. His poverty became so severe that he would sit on the streets, begging people for money. His eyebrows hung over his eyes due to old age. Whenever women passed by him, he would stretch out his hands to harass them. As a result, people used to scream at him and insult him, to which he would respond by saying, "What else can I do? I am a trial-stricken old man, who has been afflicted with the prayer of a righteous man, Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas." Hadith... It is a bad premise for a man to make assertions. It is enough of a sin for a person to speak whatever he hears. 280 (40) Whip me gently! What has preceded does not mean that we should not criticise at all. Often it is required to criticise others, including your son, wife or friend. It is, however, possible to delay your criticisms slightly or to use subtle tactics. Let him retain some of his honour. After the Prophet conquered Makkah, he became well-respected amongst the Arabs, and people began to enter into Islam in multitudes.The Prophet then decided to lead an expedition to Hunayn. The pagan army arrived in its best form and began to line up. The horses lined up first, then the foot soldiers, then the women, then the cattle followed by grazing livestock. The Muslims were great in number that day; twelve thousand altogether. The pagans had reached the valley of Hunayn before the Muslims and managed to conceal some of their units in both sides of the valley behind rocks. When the battle started, the Muslim troops began to enter the valley and as they did, the disbelievers started to attack them from all angles with stones and arrows.The people became confused and the Muslim horsemen began to retreat. The first peop...
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