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He had gone mad and children would pelt stones at him

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Unformatted text preview: d you buy this red turban?" The businessman shouted, "My turban is blue!" 33 Do not cry over spilt milk 5 He replied, "No, it is red." The businessman said,"No, it is green! Actually, no, it is white! No, it is blue, or black!" He then laughed out loud, then screamed, then began to cry and then started to jump up and down! Ibn Hazm said, `Thereafter, I would see him in the streets of Spain. He had gone mad and children would pelt stones at him.' If these four people, by using their skills, were able to change not only the nature of the person but also his mind, then how about the tried and tested skills that are supported by revelation which a person can put into practice in order to become closer to Allah? Put into practice whatever good skills you come across and you will be happy. If you say to me, "I cannot." I would say to you, "At least try!" If you say to me, "I don't know how." I would say, "Yes, you do!" The Prophet said, "Knowledge is only gained through learning, and clemency is only gained through perseverance." A point of view... The hero is the one who goes beyond his ability to improve his skills, until he becomes able to improve, and perhaps even alter, the skills of others. 34 (6) Be unique Why is it that some people's discussions end in argument while others may discuss the same subject and end their discussion in a friendly manner? It has everything to do with the skills of holding a discussion. Why is it that when two people deliver the same sermon with the same words, you find that among the audience of the first person someone is yawning or sleeping, another is playing with a prayer mat, and others are repeatedly shifting, whilst the audience listening to the second are listening attentively to the sermon, such that they cannot even blink an eyelid nor of what is being said? It has everything to do with oratory skills. Why is it when so-and-so speaks in a gathering, everyone listens to him attentively and focuses on him, whereas when someone else speaks, they began to talk about other si...
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