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He informed me about things that only a prophet could

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Unformatted text preview: e name of `Addas and said to him, "Take a bunch of these grapes, place it in this plate and then deliver it to that man and ask him to eat them." `Addas did as he was told. He came to the Prophet , placed the plate in front of him and said, "Please eat." The Messenger of Allah stretched his hand forth to eat and said, "In the name of Allah..." `Addas said, "By Allah, no one says this phrase in these cities." The Prophet said, "From which city are you, O `Addas, and what is your religion?" He replied, "I am a Christian. I come from Nineveh." 67 With slaves and servants 12 The Prophet said, "You belong to the city of the righteous Jonah, son of Matta." He said, "What do you know about Jonah the son of Matta?" The Prophet replied, "He is my brother. He was a Prophet and so am I." Thereupon `Addas paid homage to Allah's Messenger by kissing his head, hands and feet, as the two sons of Rabi'a watched. One of them said to the other, "He has corrupted this servant of yours." When `Addas returned to his master, he was noticeably affected by the Prophet and his words. His master said to him, "Woe be to you, O `Addas! Why did you kiss this man's head, hands and feet?!" He replied, "Dear master! There is none on this earth better than him. He informed me about things that only a Prophet could know." The master replied, "Woe be to you O `Addas! Do not let him change your religion, for your religion is better than his." Could we today treat everyone with such excellent manners, irrespective of their social status? A glimpse... Treat people humanely, irrespective of their appearance, wealth and status. 68 (13) With adversaries The Prophet would always be just with the disbelievers and even be ready to sacrifice his life in order to call them to Islam and rectify their affairs. He would bear their evils with patience and try to overlook their harms.Why would he not do so when Allah has said: "We have sent you as a mercy..." To whom? To the believers...
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