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He instantly realised by looking at my face what i

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Unformatted text preview: reates anything new, nor restores anything." A number of rebellious disbelievers from Quraysh, those who had a history of confronting the Muslims, ran away from Makkah before the Prophet and his companions arrived. Amongst them was Safwan bin Umayyah who fled Makkah. He was confused as to where he should head to, so he decided to go to Jeddah to board a ship and sail to Yemen. When the people noticed the generous pardoning on part of the Messenger of Allah , and the fact that he decided to overlook the painful past, there came to him `Umayr bin Wahb, who 466 Forgiving others 72 said, "O Prophet of Allah, Safwan bin Umayyah is the leader of his people. He has fled Makkah in fear of you and thrown himself into the sea. Please, grant him security! May Allah's blessings be on you!" The Prophet quite comfortably said, "He is granted security." `Umayr said, "O Messenger of Allah, please give me a sign with which he will know that you have granted him security." The Prophet gave him his turban which he wore upon entering Makkah, so that when Safwan saw it, he would trust `Umayr's words. `Umayr took the turban and caught up with Safwan as he was trying to board the ship. He said, "O Safwan! May my father and mother be sacrificed for you! For Allah's sake, don't kill yourself! I have come to you with an assurance of security from the Messenger of Allah!" Safwan said, "Woe be to you! Disappear from my sight and don't speak to me! You are a liar!" He was afraid of the consequences of the evil actions he had perpetrated against the Muslims. `Umayr shouted, "O Safwan! May my father and mother be sacrificed for you! The Messenger of Allah is the best of people! He is the most righteous of people! He is the most persevering of people! He is the most excellent of people! He is your cousin. His dignity is your dignity. His honour is your honour. His kingdom is your kingdom!" Safwan said, "I fear for my life." 467 Forgiving others 72 `Umayr rep...
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