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He is a millionaire he became mentally ill so his

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Unformatted text preview: hildren, and he has been afflicted with this illness as you can see." His situation had an impact on me, but I remained firm and said, "Dear Sa'd, in short, do not kill yourself with grief. Nothing will afflict us except what Allah has already written." I then consoled him and left. Yes, do not kill yourself with grief, for that will not lighten your troubles. I remember that sometime ago I went to al-Madinah al-Nabawiyya and met up with Khalid. He said to me, "What do you say if we visit Dr. `Abdullah?" I said, "Why? What's the news?" He replied, "For condolences." "For condolences?" I remarked, in surprise. He said, "Yes. His eldest son went to a wedding party with the entire family in a nearby city, whilst he remained behind in Madinah due to his commitments at the university. On the way back they were involved in a terrible road accident in which they died - all eleven of them!" The Doctor was a righteous man beyond fifty years of age, but nevertheless, a human being with feelings and emotions. He had a heart in his chest, and two weeping eyes, and of course, a soul that became happy and sad. When he heard the terrible news, he prayed over them and 326 Do not kill yourself by grief 47 buried them with his own hands, all eleven of them. He began to wander about his house in bewilderment. He would pass by toys that lay there untouched for days, because the Khulud and Sarah who would play with them had died. He would return to his bed which hadn't been made because Umm Salih, his wife, had died. He would pass by Yasir's bicycle which hadn't moved for days since the one who used to ride it had died. He would enter his eldest daughter's room to see her wedding suitcases arranged and her clothes lying on her bed. She died when she was in the middle of arranging her wedding clothes. Glory be to the One who gave him patience and made him strong! Guests would come to his house and bring coffee along with them, as he didn't have anyone to help him prepare anything for them. Wh...
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