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He passed by a marketplace on his way and entered a

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Unformatted text preview: and wealth behind.At this time, `Abd ar-Rahman bin `Awf came to Madinah as a migrant. Although, `Abd ar-Rahman used to be a successful businessman in Makkah, he arrived in Madinah poor, with no possessions to his name. As a quick solution to this widespread problem, the Prophet joined the emigrants and the helpers in a bond of brotherhood. Thus, he made `Abd ar-Rahman bin `Awf and Sa'd bin ar-Rabi' al-Ansari, brothers. Their souls were sound and their hearts were clean. Hence, Sa'd said to `Abd ar-Rahman, "Dear brother, I am the wealthiest of all the people of Madinah. Split my wealth in two and take one half and leave the other half for me." Sa'd then felt that perhaps `Abd ar-Rahman wanted to get married, and he may not find a wife, so he proposed that he should help him in getting married. `Abd ar-Rahman then said, "May Allah bless you in your family and wealth. Please, just guide me to the marketplace." Although `Abd ar-Rahman left his wealth in Makkah and the disbelievers confiscated it, he was intelligent and had good business sense and experience. Sa'd upon his request, led him to the marketplace, after which `Abd ar-Rahman bought merchandise on credit, sold it on the spot, and made profits. Thereby, he acquired capital with which he could do business. He was an expert in buying, selling and bargaining. After a while, he earned some wealth for himself and got married. He then came to the Prophet smelling of saffron, a scent usually worn by women, 183 Be observant and complimentary 27 although it was not unusual since he was the groom. The Prophet being a doctor of hearts with an observant, caring personality, would seek out moments where he could captivate people's hearts. He noticed this change in `Abd ar-Rahman, and began to pay attention to the scent, and then said to him, "What's new?" `Abd ar-Rahman happily said, "O Messenger of Allah, I have married a woman from the Ansaar." The Prophet became surprised as to how soon he was ab...
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