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He remained perplexed on this issuethe accusations

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Unformatted text preview: rectification process. A man came to the Prophet to give him the oath of allegiance on migration. He said, "I have come to give you the oath of allegiance on migration, and I have left my parents weeping." 225 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 The Prophet was neither harsh towards him, nor did he belittle his action, nor demean his intelligence. The man had come with good intentions, and thought that what he was doing was best. The Prophet made him realise that it is easy to rectify a mistake, thus he said to him in simple words, "Go back to them and make them laugh the way you made them weep", and that was the end of the matter. The Prophet would deal with people in a manner that would encourage them to do good and make it easier for them, even if they were to make mistakes. Here I present to you a painful incident. Although, the point behind this incident exists towards the end, I would still like to present the story from the beginning for our benefit.Whenever the Prophet wanted to travel he would draw lots between his wives. Whoever won would accompany him in his travels. When he wanted to go on an expedition against Banu al-Mustaliq, he drew lots between his wives, which A'ishah won. Hence, she left with the Messenger of Allah and this was after the verses of Hijaab were revealed. She used to be carried in a howdaj. Whenever they stopped, she would leave the howdaj to fulfil her needs. Whenever they wanted to set off, she would return to the howdaj. When the Prophet was finished with his expedition, he began his return journey to Madinah. When he arrived closer to Madinah, he stopped at a place to spend some of the night, and then ordered the men to set off, once again. The people then began to gather their belongings before they set off. Meanwhile, `A'ishah -may Allah be pleased with her- 226 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 went away to fulfil some of her needs. She was wearing a necklace with Zafar beads, while she fulfilled her need, it slipped from her neck without her...
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