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He said by allah i will never respond to you if you

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Unformatted text preview: time!" The businessman then stood and gathered the wood, and said, "Can you make fire?" He replied, "The smoke stings me if I come near it", so the man lit the fire himself. The busineesman then said, "Can you please help me in cutting the meat?" He replied, "I fear that I may cut my hand", hence, the man cut the meat himself. The businessman then said, "Could you put the meat in the pan and cook the meal?" He replied, "It is very tiring for me to watch the meal before it is properly cooked".The businessman then began to cook himself. 245 Respond to mistreatment with kindness 36 When he finally finished cooking and felt very tired, he lay down on the ground, and said, "Could you please lay out the dining mat, and pour the meal out onto the plates?" He replied, "I am feeling really heavy, and I don't have the energy to do that right now." The businessman then got up, prepared the meal and laid it out on the mat. The businessman said, "Would you come over and eat?" He replied, "By Allah, I feel very embarrassed at constantly making excuses, so I shall relent this time!" He then got up and ate the meal! You might meet people who are like him. Do not be saddened by this. Rather, be firm like a mountain. Our model educator, the Prophet ,would deal with people rationally and not emotionally. He would bear other people's mistakes and still be gentle with them. Just imagine! There he was, sitting in a blessed gathering, surrounded by his companions, and in came a Bedouin asking him for his help with paying off blood-money. This man - or an acquaintance of his - had killed someone, and so he wanted the Prophet to help him financially to enable him to pay the blood-money to the victim's family. The Prophet then gave him something and enquired out of kindness, "Have I been good to you?" The Bedouin said, "No! You have neither been good nor courteous!" Upon hearing this, some Muslims...
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