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He then asked her what do you think of todays lecture

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Unformatted text preview: ther remained a disbeliever. He would invite her to accept Islam but she would refuse. One day, he asked her to embrace Islam but she insulted the Prophet in response. Abu Hurayrah felt terrible thereafter and went to the Messenger of Allah weeping. He said, "O Messenger of Allah, I always ask my mother to embrace Islam and she refuses. Today I asked her 547 Supplications 82 to embrace Islam and in return she said a few words about you that I despised hearing. Please, supplicate to Allah that He guides the mother of Abu Hurayrah to Islam." The Messenger of Allah supplicated for her. When Abu Hurayrah returned to his mother and approached the door, he found it closed. As he tried to open the door, his mother opened it for him and said, "I bear witness that there is no One worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger." Abu Hurayrah returned to the Messenger of Allah as he wept for joy and said, "Good news, O Messenger of Allah! Allah has responded to your supplication and guided the mother of Abu Hurayrah to Islam!" Abu Hurayrah then said, "O Messenger of Allah, ask Allah to make my mother and I beloved to His believing servants, and make them beloved to us." The Prophet said, "O Allah, make him and his mother beloved to your believing servants, and make them beloved to the two." Abu Hurayrah said, "From then on, there was no believing man or woman except that he loved me and I loved him." (Muslim) Enlightenment... "Your Lord has said, "Call me, and I will answer you..."" 548 (83) Patching up Often, when we attempt to apply certain skills with others, we realise our failure in determining the best tactics to deploy. For instance, a person sees a cheerful young man and attempts to use the `Be cheerful' tactic with him and says, "MashaAllah! How beautiful are the clothes you are wearing! Just look at that splendour and the cheerful face!" Then, instead of saying, "How happy your wife must be w...
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