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He then asked him as to what was ailing him the

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Unformatted text preview: grave," he ordered. The Companions then went with the Prophet , until they reached her grave. The Prophet prayed over her and said, "These graves are filled with darkness for their dwellers, but Allah illuminates these graves when I pray over them." Tell me, in Allah's Name, how would they feel, those who saw the Prophet value such a small deed by a weak woman? How great would their zeal be to do what this woman used to? Allow me to whisper this in your ears: We live in a society where such skills are not valued, so pay attention to this! Let not your enthusiasm die out due to a group of cumbersome and antagonistic people who, no matter how much you admire their good qualities, or praise them with soft and beautiful words, 185 Be observant and complimentary 27 would not be affected.They respond to your politeness with dull and boring words, with no taste, colour or smell! One noteworthy story concerning such people concerns a young man I know who was once invited to a great wedding ceremony where very important people were invited. He passed by a marketplace on his way and entered a perfume shop and pretending that he wanted to buy perfume. Hence, the shopkeeper welcomed him kindly and began to spray various expensive and sweet-smelling perfumes on him, so he may choose whatever may suit him best. However, when this friend of ours managed to cover his entire garment with perfume, he kindly said to the shopkeeper, "Thank you, very much! If any of these perfumes impress me, I might return to you." He then rushed off to the ceremony, hoping to arrive before the scent wore off. He finally arrived and sat next to his friend, Khalid, but Khalid did not notice the scent or even pass a comment. This friend of ours then said in astonishment, "Can't you smell the beautiful scent?" Khalid said: "No." Our friend said, "Your nose must be blocked!" Upon hearing this, Khalid instantly responded, "If my nose was blocked, I would not have smelt your odour!" An acknowledgement... No matter...
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