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He then said from allahs slaves are those whom allah

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Unformatted text preview: th the Messenger of Allah until he entered his home, wore his battle gear and came out to the people. When they saw him dressed up in battle gear, they began to regret their suggestion and felt that perhaps they had forced the Prophet into going out of Madinah to fight.They said,"O Messenger of Allah, stay in Madinah if you wish. It is your decision, after all." The Prophet said to them, "It is not befitting for a Prophet to take off his battle gear after wearing it, until Allah has decided between him and his enemies." When Abu Sufyan arrived at the foot of Mount Uhud, those Muslims who had not participated in Badr rejoiced upon seeing the enemy. They said, "Allah has brought near to us our wish340 Be a mountain 49 es!" The Prophet then said to his Companions, "Who can lead us to where the enemy is through a short passage that does not pass by them?" A man from Banu Harithah bin al-Harith, known as Abu Khaythamah said, "I will, O Messenger of Allah!" He took the Muslims through Banu Harithah's land, properties and farms until he passed by the fields of a man called Marba' bin Qaydhi. He was a blind hypocrite. When he realised that the Messenger of Allah along with the Muslims are passing by he began to throw dust in their faces, saying, "If you are the Messenger of Allah, then I do not allow you to enter my fields!" The wretched man then took a handful of sand and said, "By Allah, if I knew for sure that I wouldn't strike anyone else but you with this, I would have thrown it in your face!" When the Companions heard this, they rushed to attack him to teach him a lesson, but the Prophet said, "Do not kill him. He is blind - blind in the heart and in the eyes." Thus, the Prophet moved on and did not look back at the hypocrite because the Prophet was sedate, wise and intelligent, such that he would not look back at foolish people, nor get aggravated by the worthless. Conviction... The wind never moves a m...
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