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He then went to the mosque prayed the dhuhr prayer

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Unformatted text preview: even laugh at the joke, but the fact remains 399 The red lines 59 that the joke was still cruel. A point of view Whatever goes beyond its limits turns into its opposite. How often jokes turn into arguments! 400 (60) Keeping a secret A famous old saying goes, "Any secret that passes beyond two is bound to spread." Someone was asked, "Who are `the two' being referred to here?" He pointed to his two lips and said, "These two!" During the last thirty-five years of my life, I do not recall whispering into someone's ear a secret, entrusting him therewith, except that that I made him swear an oath that my secret will remain in a bottomless well! Nor do I recall any of them saying to me explicitly, "Dear Muhammad, please forgive me for I am no longer able to keep your secret." In fact, whenever you inform someone of your secret, he will place his hand on his chest and say, "By Allah! If they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, or a sword on my neck, to inform them of your secret, I would never do so!" Then, when you feel satisfied and think you can trust him, you reveal your secrets to him. He patiently waits for a couple of months or more before revealing your secrets to others. Your secret begins to travel from person to person until it finally reaches you.You are the one at fault here since your secret should not have passed beyond your lips. 401 Keeping a secret 60 Do not overburden people with what they cannot bear. When a man's chest is too restricted to contain his own secret Then even more restricted is the chest of a man entrusted with that secret I tested many people in that regard and found them to be the same. The problem is that you only go to them for consultation. They first give you advice and then reveal your secrets to others, thereby losing respect in your eyes and becoming the most hated of people to you. One of the most amazing things to happen in history is that before the battle of Badr, when the Prophet heard about Quraysh's caravan approaching from Syria and decided to engage in a battle with the pagans, he marched out with his companions to intercept the ca...
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