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He therefore wished to ascertain the matter he

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Unformatted text preview: en began mentioning all the different people on road to assure me that there really was heavy traffic on the road, but the wretched lad forgot that it was a Thursday and that it was therefore a weekend. Perhaps there was nobody at all on the road that day except students from our university! I said to him, "So there was a traffic jam and the road was packed with cars?" He said, "Yes, by Allah, dear teacher! If you were with me you would know what I mean!" I said to him, "You sly person! If you want to lie, then at least plan it properly! Dear brother, today is a Thursday!" Meaning, a weekend - no one goes to work on a Thursday! What traffic are you talking about? He said, "Oh! Sorry, dear teacher! I forgot to say that my tyre was punctured." Meaning, one of his tyres was punctured so he got delayed while fixing the tyre.The poor lad was thrown, so I just laughed and let him into the examination room. Yes! How horrible it is for people to find out that you are lying to them! Lies repel people from you and affect your friendships. It makes people feel that you can never again be trusted. If someone you have lied to falls into a problem, he would never complain to you, and even if you advise him, he would never listen to you. How ugly it is to lie! The Prophet said, "A believer might commit every sin except betrayal and lying." (Ahmad and Abu Ya'la with narrators of al-Bukhari) 447 Honesty 68 The Prophet was asked, "Can a believer be a coward?" He replied, "Yes" He was then asked, "Can a believer be miserly?" "Yes", he replied. He was then asked, "Can a believer be a liar?" "No!" he replied. (al-Muwatta, Mursal) `Abdullah bin `Amir may Allah be pleased with him said: "My mother once called me while the Messenger of Allah was sitting in our house. She said, `Come here and I will give you something.' The Messenger of Allah said to her, `What do you want to give him?'...
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