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He tried to steer away but could not and collided

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Unformatted text preview: hand!" He then ordered that the woman's hand be cut off. `A'ishah may Allah be pleased with her said of this woman, "She sincerely repented thereafter and got married. She used to come to me and I would speak to the Messenger of Allah about her needs." (al-Bukhari and Muslim) Usamah bin Zayd may Allah be pleased with him had various moments with the Messenger of Allah and all of them are full of examples of mercy and gentle ways of dealing. Usamah said, "The Messenger of Allah dispatched us to al-Huraqat, a sub-tribe of Juhaynah, so we defeated them and pursued them in their trails. A man from the Ansaar and I came across a man from amongst them. Upon seeing us, he hid behind a tree.When we caught up with him and raised a sword to strike him with, he said, `There is no one worthy of worship but Allah!' "My colleague lowered his sword, but I thought the man was 257 Convince him of his error so he may accept advice 37 only saying it out of his fear of the sword. Thus, I attacked and killed him. But then, I felt uneasy about it in my heart. So I came to the Messenger of Allah and informed him of what had happened. "He said to me, `He said, `There is no one worthy of worship but Allah,' then you killed him?' "I said, `He did not say it willingly. He only said it out of fear of our weapons' "But the Prophet repeated his question, `Did he say, `There is no god worthy of worship but Allah,' and you then killed him? Did you cut open his heart to know for certain that he only said it out of his fear of your weapons?!''' Usamah remained silent, for he obviously did not cut open his heart. But it was still in the battlefield, and the man he killed was, indeed, a warrior. Still, the Prophet kept repeating the criticism, "Did he say `There is no god but Allah', and then you killed him?" "O Usamah! You killed a man after he had said, `There is no god but Allah!' How would you deal with this testimony `There is no god but Allah' on the Day of Resurrection?!" "He continued to repeat himse...
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