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He turned around and shouted at him let go of me but

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Unformatted text preview: he honour of a chaste Muslim woman being violated, one of the devil's helpers stood up - those who have no concern for the honour of Muslim women and only care about satisfying their stomachs and private parts. This leader of the hypocrites, `Abdullah bin Ubay bin Salul, stood up and said, "O Muhammad! Please, treat my allies with kindness!" He said this because they had been allied to him during the days of pre-Islamic ignorance. The Prophet turned away from him and refused to concede, for how could he forgive a people who wished to spread corruption amongst the Believers?! 57 With women 10 The hypocrite said again, "O Muhammad, treat them with kindness!" But the Prophet , turned away from him, again, in favour of defending the honour of the chaste Muslim woman. The hypocrite then became angry. He placed his hand in the pocket of the Prophet's shirt and pulled him saying, "Be kind to my allies! Be kind to my allies!" The Prophet became angry. He turned around and shouted at him, "Let go of me!" But the hypocrite refused and began to beg the Prophet to prevent their execution. The Prophet turned to him and said, "They are yours, then", and decided not to execute them. However, he did expel them from their dwellings in Madinah. Yes, a chaste Muslim woman deserves no less! Khawlah bint Tha'labah may Allah be pleased with her was from the righteous companions of the Prophet . Her husband, Aws bin al-Samit, was an old man who would often become angry very quickly. One day he came back from a meeting and spoke to her regarding an issue. She responded inappropriately and they quarrelled. The man became angry and said, "You are like my mother's back!" and left the house enraged. To utter this phrase during the pre-Islamic era of ignorance was considered a divorce. This was not the case in Islam, but Khawlah did not know the Islamic ruling concerning the issue. Aws came back to his house to find his wife avoiding him...
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