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He was also a very arrogant man who would often

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Unformatted text preview: Madinah, and it wasn't long until war broke out between the two tribes, al-Aws and al-Khazraj. Suwayd was from al-Aws and he was subsequently killed by al-Khazraj. This happened before the Prophet migrated to Madinah. It is not known whether he accepted Islam or not, but some men from his tribe have stated that when 508 The key 78 he died he was a Muslim. Think about how the Prophet treated him and how he captured his heart by his manners without being harsh. In short... Flatter generously. Criticise scantily. 509 (79) The emotional bank balance We dictate how others think of us. If a person were to see you in the market and frown at you, then see you at the grocer's and frown at you, and then you bump into him at a wedding party and see him frowning at you, you would form a picture of him in your mind. If you were to see him again, or even hear of him again, his frowning face would instantly come mind. Isn't that true? If a person meets you with a smile, then he meets you elsewhere with a smile, and so on, there will be a positive smiling picture of him imprinted in your mind. This is concerning someone with whom you have no relationship and only meet with every now and then. But as for those whom we meet all the time, like a wife, children, work colleagues and neighbours, then we don't always deal with them in the same manner.Yes, they will see us laughing and joking, but no doubt they will also see us sometimes angry, frowning, argumentative or even insulting because we are, after all, human beings. Consequently, their love for us is governed by our good or bad conduct towards them. If you wish, you can say that their love for us is in proportion to the emotional credit that we may 510 The emotional bank balance 79 have in our accounts with them. How so? When you show good conduct towards a person, you are in reality depositing fond memories about yourself in his memory register. In other words, it is as if he has opened up an account for you in his heart where he keeps safe his love and respect f...
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