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He was listening to the words of a disbeliever who

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Unformatted text preview: ith you!" he says, "I wish you were a girl so that I could marry you!" This would be a very inappropriate joke indeed! One of my colleagues related to me the following: "At university, I had a sluggish student, yet Allah had given him a cheerful face. He would always sit at the end of the lecture theatre and drift far away in his thoughts. I would always request that he sit at the front to follow the lecture better, but he would always forget. I did not want to embarrass him or others as they were senior university students. One day, I entered the lecture theatre to find him sitting at the end of the hall as usual. When I sat down on my chair, I said to him, ``Abd al-Muhsin, please, come to the front.' He said, `I feel fine where I am and I can follow the lesson 549 Patching up 83 comfortably.' I said, `Dear brother, please sit a little closer and let us see your rosy cheeks!' Thereupon some of the students turned around to look at him and he turned bright red. I realised that I had made a mistake, so in order to patch it up I said, `The girl who marries you will be delighted! But as for these boys, they would have a hard time finding a bride!' I then began the lecture instantly without leaving a moment for anyone to think about it further. The student also smiled and moved over to the front row." Therefore, even though these sorts of mistakes do happen, they are very easy to overcome. Sometimes, you may embarrass or upset someone, not mistakenly, but because this is what the situation may demand. For instance, if two of your friends quarrel and you think that one of them is correct, you will support him and may even criticise the other one. This may even happen between your children, students or neighbours. What then should you do? Should we allow these situations to cause us to lose our friends, one after another, when we always endeavour to do our best to gain people's hearts and make friends? Certainly not! So what should we do? The answer is that if you ever find that someone has become upset with you over some words you had uttered, or was saddened by something y...
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