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He was very well respected amongst his people his

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Unformatted text preview: the Messenger of Allah took hold of it while he was on the pulpit. When the Prophet took it, a sense of joy was apparent on his face. He said, "Whoever initiates a good practice and acts accordingly he will have its reward along with the reward of anyone who acts according to that practice, without there being any decrease in their reward. And whoever initiates a bad practice and acts accordingly, he will bear its burden along with the burden of all those who act according to it, without there being any 411 Fulfilling people's needs 61 decrease in their burdens." The people got up, left for their homes and returned with charity. One came with a Dinar, another came with a Dirham, another came with dates whilst another came with clothes, until two piles accumulated in front of the Prophet - a pile of food and a pile of clothes. When the Prophet saw this, his face brightened like the moon. He then divided it up amongst the poor people. (Muslim) Yes! The Prophet used to enter people's hearts by fulfilling their needs. He would spend his strength, time and his wealth for their sake. When `A'ishah was asked about the Prophet's behaviour at home, she said, "He would either be fulfilling the needs of his family members, or serving them." Wouldn't you like to make your way into people's hearts by fulfilling their needs? If a person needs to go to the hospital, you should take him to the hospital. If another asks for your help in a problem, you should help him out. Let him see you fulfilling his needs and standing by him during his mishaps, whilst he knows that you do not hope for any reward or even thanks! Due to this he would love you and pray for you. He would also always be ready to help you if you were ever in need. An opinion The one who lives for others surely has a hard life, but he will live nobly and die nobly. 412 (62 ) Do not burden yourself with what you cannot do One of my friends is one of the best people in terms of his manners, religious commitment and intelligence...
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