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He will then look to his left and not see anything

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Unformatted text preview: me amazed and said to himself, "What will the bandits do who terrorise us and the rest of our cities?!" The Prophet said, "You will seize the treasures of Kisra bin Hurmuz." He said, "The treasures of Ibn Hurmuz?" Yes, "Kisra bin Hurmuz, and you will spend it all in the path of Allah. If you live long, you would see a man offering a handful of gold or silver to others but none will accept it." Meaning: wealth will be so plentiful that a rich man will look for someone to accept his charity but will not be able to find a poor person to give it to. The Prophet then admonished `Adi and reminded him of the Hereafter. He said, "One of you shall meet Allah on the Last Day without anyone to translate the dialogue between you and Allah. He will look to his right and not see anything except Hell. He will then look to his left and not see anything except Hell." `Adi remained silent and began to think. The Prophet abruptly said, "O `Adi! What is preventing you from saying: There is none worthy of worship but Allah? Do you know of a god greater than Him?" `Adi said, "In that case, I am a monotheist Muslim; I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and I 46 Who is the most beloved to you? 7 bear witness that Muhammad is the Servant and the Messenger of Allah!" The Prophet's face became overjoyed. `Adi bin Hatim later said, "I have seen a woman riding a camel travelling from Al-Hira till it made Tawaf around Ka`bah fearing none but Allh, I have also been one of those who opened the treasures of Kisra bin Hurmuz. I swear by the One who has my soul in His Hand, the third prophecy will also be fulfilled, since Allah's Messenger has said so!" (Muslim and Ahmad) Contemplate the way the Prophet dealt with `Adi, how he welcomed him, something which `Adi no doubt felt. Think how all of his fine manners contributed to `Adi accepting Islam. If we were to practise these skills with people, w...
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