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He would greet the messenger of allah but would not

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Unformatted text preview: estranged from us, as if these weren't the walls we were familiar with and the earth that we knew had also become a stranger. The two companions of mine would sit in their homes and weep night and day. They would never show their faces. They would busy themselves with worship as if they were monks. As for me, then I was the youngest and the firmest of the three. I would go out and attend the prayers with the Muslims and roam around the marketplaces, yet, nobody would speak to me. 159 Be concerned about others 24 "I would enter the mosque and approach the Messenger of Allah and greet him, then be left wondering to myself if he even moved his lips to return my greeting or not. I would pray close to him, looking at him stealthily. When I became busy with prayer, he would turn to me. When I turned to him, he would turn away from me." Days went by and pain led to more pain. Ka`b was once considered a noble man amongst his people and a leading poet. He was known amongst kings and princes. His poetry circulated amongst the great so much that they would long to meet him. Yet here he was in Madinah amongst his own people, and no one would speak to or even look at him, so much so that the tragedy was gruelling and the estrangement became almost impossible to bear. Still, there was to come to him another test... One day, as he was roaming around the marketplace, there came a Christian from Syria. He said: "Who can take me to Ka`b bin Malik?" The people pointed to Ka`b, so he came to him and gave him a letter from the King of Ghassan. How strange! From the King of Ghassan! Therefore, his news must have reached Syria, so much so that the King of the Ghassanites showed concern for him! How amazing! What exactly did the King want from him? Ka`b opened up the letter and read: "To proceed: O Ka`b bin Malik! It has reached me that your companion has turned cold towards you and distanced you from him. You do not deserve loss or ruin, or to be disgraced. So join us, and we would give you consolation." When he finished reading the letter, he said: "To Allah we 160 Be concerned about others 24 belong! The people of disbelief have now shown interest in me! This is indeed a great calamity and evil!" He then went with the letter immediately to an oven, set it alight, and burned it. Ka`b did not consider the king's...
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