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Hence a woman stepped forward and complained to the

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Unformatted text preview: ld not be appropriate for the son of the generous father to speak about the generosity of his father and how he loves to spend on him, because this would distress his friend and cause him to remember his bad fortune with his father. Subsequently, he would not like to be in his company as he would feel that he is insensitive. For this reason, the Prophet emphasised that people's psychological conditions and sensitivities be considered. He said, "Do not stare at a leper." (Ibn Majah, Sahih) A leper is not attractive to look at and hence, it is inappropriate that if he passes by a group of people that they should stare at him, for this would remind him of his affliction and hurt him further. One occasion which beautifully demonstrates the Prophet's consideration for people's sensitivities is the way he dealt with Abu Bakr's father when heading to the conquest of Makkah with the Muslim army. Abu Bakr's father, Abu Quhafah, was a blind old man. He said to his granddaughter, "Dear daughter, take me to Mount Abu Qays so I can see for myself the truth of what they are saying, and whether Muhammad really is approaching or not." She took him to the mountain and then he said, "Tell me, 150 Taking one's psychological condition into consideration 23 what you see." She said, "I see blackness approaching us." He said, "Those are the horses." She said, "I see a man going back and forth in front of that blackness." He said, "He is the man responsible for leading the horses." She said, "The blackness has now spread." He said, "By Allah, this means that the horses have nearly approached Makkah. Take me to my house quickly for they have said that whoever shuts himself in his house is safe!" The girl brought him down the mountain, but they were intercepted by Muslim horsemen before they could reach home. Abu Bakr went to his father and greeted him. Then he took him by his hand to the Messenger of Allah in the mosque. When the Prophet saw him...
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