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Hence he was utterly distressed over the prophets

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Unformatted text preview: heir wealth, or conceal any gold and silver, and that they must present everything to him so he may decide what to do with it. He also 95 Use the right flavour 17 warned them that if they were to hide anything, then they would have no agreement or pact. Huyay bin Akhtab was one of their leaders who had returned from Madinah with a leather bag full of gold and jewellery and then passed away, leaving behind all his wealth, which the Jews concealed from the Messenger of Allah .The Prophet said to the uncle of Huyay bin Akhtab, "What happened to what Huyay brought from Banu Nadheer (i.e., the leather bag )?" He said, "It was all spent on expenses and wars." The Prophet thought about what he said, and it occurred to him that Huyay had only died recently and that the wealth he had brought over was of a huge amount. Moreover, there had not occurred any war recently that it could have been spent on. The Prophet said, "The wealth was only brought here recently, and it was too much to have been spent so quickly." The Jewish man said, "The wealth and jewellery have all been spent." The Prophet realised that the man was lying, so he looked at his companions, who were many in number, and each of them understood his message. The Prophet then turned to az-Zubayr bin al-`Awwam and said, "O Zubayr, give him a taste of punishment." As az-Zubayr began his approach the man was terrified. Knowing that his situation was grave, he said, "Well, I did see Huyay once going into this deserted place!" and pointed to an old abandoned house. The Muslims went into the house and found the wealth hidden therein. This is how the Prophet was with az-Zubayr. 96 Use the right flavour 17 The Companions of the Prophet would deal with each other in a similar fashion. When the Prophet was on his death bed and severely ill, unable to lead the people in prayer, he said, "Order Abu Bakr to lead the people in prayer." Abu Bakr was a very soft-hearted person. He was...
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