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Hence the second prayer for him would be voluntary

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Unformatted text preview: avour 17 at me?!" The Companions began to strike their hands on their thighs, insisting that he be silent, and he complied. When the prayer was over, the Prophet turned to the congregation. He had heard the commotion and the voice of the one who spoke, but the voice had belonged to a new, unfamiliar person. He asked, `Who spoke?' and the people pointed at Mu`awiyah.The Prophet asked him to come forward and he did. He was terrified as he didn't know what would happen to him for interrupting the prayer and ruining people's concentration. Mu`awiyah said, "May my mother and father be sacrificed for him! By Allah, I have never seen before him nor after him a leader who gave better instruction than he. I swear that he did not scold, beat or revile me, but simply said: `Talking to people is not befitting during the prayer, for it consists of glorifying Allah, declaring his Greatness. and recitation of the Qur'an.' This is how brief his advice was." Mu`waiyah understood the advice and when he felt more comfortable, he began to ask the Prophet about certain personal matters. He said, "O Messenger of Allah. I was till recently a pagan, but Allah has brought Islam to us; among us there are men who have recourse to soothsayers." Soothsayers are those who claim to know the unseen, and people go to them to ask thereof. The Prophet said in response, "Do not have recourse to them." Meaning, you are a Muslim and no one knows the unseen except Allah. He said, "There are men who take omens." Meaning, they 102 Use the right flavour 17 predict bad luck by looking at the flight patterns of birds. The Prophet said, "That is something which they find in their breasts, but let it not turn their way." Meaning, let it not prevent them from doing what is best, for these omens can neither harm nor benefit. This is how the Prophet dealt with the man who urinated in the mosque and the man who spoke during the prayer, taking into consideration their situation, since people in their position are bound to make mista...
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