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His connections with the scholars of madinah go back

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Unformatted text preview: the scholars of Madinah go back very far. During his days as a student and thereafter, he learnt Fiqh from those scholars. He has memorised the Qur'an and is known for his fine recitation. He takes a special interest in Hadeeth literature and has received licences for the chains of transmission for various Hadeeth texts from a number of scholars. More than twenty of his works in Arabic have been published and distributed in nearly a million copies. His books, which are often published in four colours, are attractive and pleasing to the eye, and available at low-cost. It is because his books deal with issues affecting the lives of everyday people, that they are acclaimed and appreciated by all. Many well-wishers make his books their choice for their donations and free distributions. The following is a list of some of the works of Dr. Muhammad al-`Arifi: - A work on Tawheed called Irkab Ma'ana, an excellent work of which 400,000 copies have been published. 14 - A work on Da'wah to Allah, called Hal Tabhath `an Wadhifa, of which 150,000 copies have been published. - Innaha Malikah, in 150,000 copies. - Fi Batn al-Hut, in 150,000 copies. - A work on the topic of worship in 100,000 copies. - A work on the topic of Hijaab called Sarkha fi Mat'am alJami'a, in 150,000 copies. - Rihla Ila al-Sama' with 150,000 copies published and sold. - A compilation of counselling to doctors and patients called `Ashiq fi Ghurfat al-`Amaliyat in 70,000 copies. - A pamphlet called Adhkar al-Muslim al-Yawmiyyah, of which 20 million copies have been published within only three years. Many of Dr. al-`Arifi's lectures are available on the internet without charge; he also writes columns and essays for various newspapers and magazines and has appeared on a number of Arabic satellite television channels. The administration of Darussalam hopes, in the very near future, to translate into different languages and publish the various works of Dr. Al-`Arifi while maintaining a high literary standard, Allah willing. I would like to thank...
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