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His father becomes angry at him and screams why the

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Unformatted text preview: amount of work she had to do.The Prophet would set out with her to see her owners' and to mediate on her behalf. He used to say, "No one with an atom's weight of arrogance will enter Paradise!" How many times is it that we hear people say, "Dear brother, so-and-so is arrogant and thinks far too much of himself!" They hate and condemn him for his attitude. You may ask a person, "Why don't you ask your neighbour's help?" He would say, "He is very arrogant with us. He does not even 428 Humbleness 64 like to speak to us with a straight face!" How hated these people are they who are arrogant and talk down to others! How rejected is the one who transgresses because he sees himself as self-sufficient! He is the one who puts on a contemptuous look for the people and walks through the land exultantly. He is the one who looks down on workers, servants and poor people. He is too arrogant to speak to them, shake their hands or sit with them. When the Prophet entered Makkah as a conqueror, he began to pass by all the passages where he was abused and ridiculed. How often did he hear in those valleys, "O madman! O magician! O soothsayer! O liar!" On that day, he passed through them as a powerful leader. Allah had humiliated those who had insulted him in front of his eyes. How did he feel as he entered Makkah? `Abdullah bin Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him and his father said, "When the Messenger of Allah reached Dhi Tuwa, he stopped, whilst still mounted on his ride, wearing a red mantle. And there he was, bowing his head in humility, upon witnessing the victory Allah had blessed him with, such that the end of his beard was almost touching his saddle." Anas may Allah be pleased with him said, "The Messenger of Allah entered Makkah on the Day of Conquest whilst his chin was touching his ride out of humility." Ibn Mas'ud may Allah be pleased with him said, "A man came to the Messenger of Allah and spoke to him regarding a matter. Whilst speaking to the Prophet ,...
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