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His father was killed at uhud and he had left behind

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Unformatted text preview: and kept repeating, "Did he say `There is no god but Allah', and then you killed him?! Did he say `There is no god but Allah', and then you killed him?! How will you deal with his testimony, `there is no god but Allah', on the Day of Resurrection?" Usamah said, "He continued to repeat himself until I wished I had only accepted Islam that day." An opinion Do not think that people are of a similar nature. Rather, they differ tremendously. 107 (18) Choose the right topics Following on from the previous chapter, is the subject of the way to talk to people and what to talk about. When someone converses with another person, he should talk about subjects that are suitable. The topic he may choose to discuss with a youth would be quite different to that which he would choose to discuss with the elderly. The type of conversation he has with a scholar would not be the same as that with a layman. Similarly, the words used with one's wife would not be the same as those used with his sister. This is not to say that the topic must be completely different for each person, such that a story one may relate to his sister should never be related to his wife, or what is said to a young can never be repeated to the elderly. Not at all. What is being referred to here is the way in which the story is related differs. By way of example, imagine if one were to sit with some elderly guests, over eighty years old, who had come to visit one's grandfather, would it be appropriate for him to laugh and joke while discussing what he did with his friends at the beach, and relate how well his friend played football? No doubt this would be inappropriate. Similarly, when speaking to small children, it would not be suitable to relate various stories concerning how 108 Choose the right topics 18 husbands should treat their wives. It is agreed upon, therefore, that from the ways of attracting others, is to choose the topics they like to discuss. For instance, if there is a father who has an intelligent son, it would be appr...
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